b arch colleges in india, Architecture College in Delhi NCR

Pursue Degree in Architecture from a Leading College in Delhi NCR

Bachelor of Architecture (B.Arch) is a renowned undergraduate course. Through this program, the students are offered an undergraduate degree in architecture. In this course, the students are provided training for planning, designing, and constructing buildings as well as other physical structures. There are different B.arch colleges in India that provide the best curriculum.

For architects, it is not just the exterior that matters to them. They are concerned about the complete interior design of a building. At present, the profession of an architect is at boom due to the increase in construction. Based on the interest and specialization, the professionals can work for residential as well as commercial projects. The professionals hold the ability to design residential homes as well as commercial complexes.

To pursue a degree in this field, the candidates can get enrolled in a leading Architecture College in Delhi NCR. During the course, the students are prepared as a licensed architect for a successful career. The course is divided into two parts; the Major and the Minor. Under the Major, the students are offered an opportunity to learn about material and making, design thinking. The candidates are provided a chance to explore the historical, social, political, technological and economic interfaces of architecture.

In addition to the major, the candidates also have an option to study the minor areas. Under this, the students are provided a chance to study the additional skill sets. These are only provided by the top university in the country. With in-depth knowledge and enhanced skills, the students emerge as the leading architects. They possess a unique combination of abilities that can be applied across multiple industries. For their knowledge, they are highly in demand by the government as well as private organizations. In both sectors, they have multiple job positions. To get a job in the government sector, the students have to go through some entrance tests and interview rounds to prove their knowledge and ability. After clearing the exam, they can get a government job. In case, the students are interested in working in the private sector, they can try their luck in different multi-national companies and other organizations.

If you want to study this course but not able to continue your higher studies due to financial issues, then you can check for DST Inspire Fellowship that will help you to continue your higher studies.

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